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Having a criminal conviction does not mean you cannot volunteer and serve in the community. We will contact and review on case by case basis if required.
If you have an enhanced DBS certificate, have you registered for the update service?


Work Experience


If you have volunteered before, please give details of where you have volunteered, for how long and describe your volunteer role. (200 words)
Please tell us why you want to volunteer for our organisation? (100 words)
Please tell us what you hope to gain from your experience with us. (100 words)
Please specify days, times and the length of commitment you would like to make. (100 words)
What hobbies, skills, special interests or qualities do you have that may be relevant to the volunteer role you are applying for? (100 words)
Please state any special needs or you have a disability that you would like us to know about. (100 words)
If there are other information you would like to provide, please state it here. (100 words)


Please supply us with the names of two referees (non-relatives). They will not be contacted without your consent.

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