Delivery Partners

Delivery Partners

Our other partners are important – they are on the forefront and also keen to see the lives of our young clients transformed. Fresh Youth MK works with community groups, probation services, job centres, local authority, schools and colleges.

In partnership we deliver 4 programmes:

Mentoring & Coaching
The support of a mentor who comes alongside a young person to navigate life journey… a ‘real’ person with a little bit more experience who can relate, empathise and sometimes share wisdom can be invaluable.
Life, Leadership & Employability Skills
Essential life and leadership skills that make a huge difference in overcoming barriers to success in life.
Career Guidance
Knowledge empowers, understanding can be liberating, fulfilling and a rewarding career is important.
Business Exposure
Having an opportunity to relate acquired knowledge and skills to real-life business world.

Our programmes are supported by businesses including mentors, role models and leaders with real life experience from the black and minority ethnic community.


  • Reducing unemployment and antisocial behaviour
  • Increasing aspiration and supporting career goals
  • Showcasing people already making a difference
  • Changing narrative and statistics on the black and minority ethnic communities
  • Bringing hope, demonstrating possibilities and providing good options
  • Partnering for success and achievement

"When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion."

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