Business Partners

Business Partners

Fresh Youth MK gives your organisation the opportunity to standout as an employer of choice through demonstrating your commitment:

      • to a fairer society for future generations
      • to diversity & inclusion
      • to economic sustainability
      • to your local community.

    Fresh Youth MK gives your employees the opportunity to be involved in changing a young person’s story through purposeful volunteering opportunities as mentors, role models and leaders.

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How You can help:

Provide volunteers – You can provide mentors and role models to support our young young people with their career aspirations and to speak at our empowerment sessions, especially from your diversity groups.
Deliver an empowerment session – You can help our young people  understand your world of work, your workplace, the kind of skills required to work for you and the opportunities available.
Provide business exposure – You can create for our young people some work shadowing opportunities such as observing team/leadership meetings, a day in the life of, and short-term placements
Become a Sponsor – Our work depends on sponsorship and you can sponsor us as we work with you in creating a motivated and engaged workforce that is making a difference.

You can create hope, excitement, aspiration and motivation for our young people.


By working with Fresh Youth MK you are:

  • Delivering on corporate social responsibility
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Helping recruitment, retention and progression opportunities
  • Investing in future generations, creating the next generation of leaders
  • Involved in creating an equitable and fairer society
  • Making a difference

"The world is not ours, the earth is not ours, It's a treasure we hold in trust for future generations."


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