Mentoring Journey
Mentor's Journey at FYMK

FYMK has developed a mentoring scheme to provide greater guidance and support to our future leaders. Mentoring as a mechanism will increase our young leaders understanding of different industry areas, enabling them to migrate to adult life productively and successfully. This will be achieved through our mentors supporting and enhancing the young people’s academic, professional, and personal capabilities and aspirations.

Our mentoring scheme will be beneficial to both our mentors and mentees. This is an opportunity for our mentors to understand the minds and narrative of our future leaders. The aim of mentoring scheme is to provide an enriching experience for our mentors and transformative experience for our mentees.

Our employability framework, skill-based empowerment sessions, industry & business exposure and work experience coupled with the mentoring scheme offers an enriching and transformative journey for both mentors and mentees.

You express interest in becoming a mentor with our mentoring scheme by completing a short form on our website. On receipt of your information, we will contact you with more information. Become a Mentor?

You tell us more about yourself by completing a detailed mentor profile online. This will help us with matching to a suitable mentee

You will receive an online training followed by a group workshop. We will have a one on one chat to discuss your outlook to the journey. On completion of these, you will be prepared for a mentoring relationship.

With the profile, training and workshop completed, we will get to the work to find you a mentee. Once we find a mentee and share the profile with both mentor and mentee and you both accepted, we start the mentoring relationship.

Schedule the first meeting with your mentee and a programme coordinator. The programme coordinator will facilitate introduction and help you and your mentee settle onto the programme. The coordinator will not be an active participant in your first meeting.

You are ready to build momentum for the journey with goals and activities. Grow using the resources that will be provided and track progress of the journey towards the agreed goals. Achieve and Celebrate

"A small amount of time invested on your part to share your expertise can open up a new world for someone else" - Mark Zuckerburg

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