Youth, adolescence and young adulthood can be an uncertain time, full of ups and downs and roller coaster emotions. Very often young people struggle with belief and they can have have abilities that they don’t recognise in themselves. Also challenges they face can feel so ‘big’ and they can often feel that no one understands what they’re going through.

This is where the support of a mentor who comes alongside the young person to navigate these issues… a ‘real’ person with a little bit more experience who can relate, empathise and sometimes share wisdom can be invaluable.

A Mentor can support a young person with recognising and tapping into abilities they sometimes don’t see in themselves. The mentor can help the young person with practical ways to move ahead with their goals when they feel stuck. You can never underestimate the power of a relatable role model that can inject belief in the young person whilst also using their experience, links and connections to provide practical help and opportunities.


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A Law graduate said:
I think the most difficult thing when you are young is working out where you might end up. A mentoring scheme helps you understand your potential options" - Caleb O

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